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Fearlessly Fearful is a proven-effective methodology to increase courage, and to overcome insecurities and common fears. The method was developed by Roanne van Voorst (Ph.D), who conducted research into anxiety and courage for more than twelve years. As a license coach you will be trained by us to be able to offer the Fearlessly Fearful training to your clients as a coach / therapist.

You receive workbooks and other training materials for your client, you can use the professional online learning environment on the Fearlessly Fearful platform, and you also learn how to attract more clients, so that you can help more people from your practice.


The methodology

Fearlessly Fearful is a a scientifically-based, track proven methodology that helps you to overcome fears and insecurities. It’s fast, simple, and effective. You can either follow the training online and independently from your own house, or with support from a licensed coach. The Fearlessly Fearful method does not offer you magical tricks to become fearless, because they simply don’t exist (and if you ever come across a self-proclaimed expert who says they do, we at Fearlessly Fearful recommend you to reconsider spending your money on that person!). However, you can learn to better manage your insecurities, so that fear no longer controls what you do, or don’t.

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